Nearly all of your Driver and Component stats add up to a qualifying score. This score is not surfaced to players in the game - we use it on the server only. We use this score to work out what your perfect qualifying lap time would be for your equipped load-out.

The stats which contribute to this score are:

- Asset stats: Grip, Aero, Power, and Reliability
- Driver stats: Defending, Overtaking, Fuel Management and Tyre Management. We do not factor Consistency and Wet Weather Ability in - more on this later.

When we have calculated this optimal lap time, we then use the Driver’s Consistency stat to randomly generate a penalty. This is to simulate the feeling that Drivers can perform differently on different days. This penalty increases your Driver’s qualifying time. What this means is that a Driver with a high Consistency stat is more likely to produce the optimal qualifying time “on the day”.

The Wet Weather Ability stat will improve your qualifying time - but only when it’s raining during qualifying.

In summary:
- When looking at the stats of your Drivers, remember that a high Consistency stat will deliver a more consistent lap time. It’s important to balance the other Driver stats with Consistency.
- As final qualifying lap times can be split by fractions of a second - a low Consistency stat may mean that your qualifying positions change from one race to another.
- If you are unhappy with your qualifying position relative to your Rival - try increasing your Driver’s Consistency stat.