In order to create and promote a safe environment for our players, included within our Terms of Service are Rules that apply to your use of this feature.

We ask Club members to report any activity that breaches these Rules. We want our players to feel safe in our game, and will ban offenders who break them.

F1® Clash Club Rules

By agreeing to our Terms of Service and accessing this chat feature, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age; and will not:

1. spam, scam or advertise;
2. post or participate in any activity that exploits minors;
3. engage in any form of bullying or harassment, including hate speech, insults and threats; disclose any personal information about you or anyone else. This includes without limitation name, date of birth, email address, postal address, social media profile, ISP or other online identifier;
4. engage in a way that is disruptive or antagonistic;
5. use language that is racist, sexist, vulgar or is abusive, offensive or derogatory about someone’s appearance, ethnicity, race, religion, sex or gender, including in usernames;
6. discuss, promote or encourage the use of cheats, exploits or associated third party software;
7. discuss, promote or engage in the buying, selling or otherwise trading of game accounts;
8. discuss, promote or engage in the unauthorised buying, selling or otherwise trading of in-game currency or virtual items;
9. encourage other players to break the rules;
10. discuss, promote or encourage self-harm or suicide;
11. offer or attempt to solicit sexual services;
12. engage in sexually-oriented activities or role-playing;
13. intentionally attempt to bypass the censors; or
14. bypass our age gate or submit any information you know to be false.

For your safety we strongly advise that players do not communicate with other players outside of the game. Anything that occurs outside of F1® Clash is out of our control and may leave you vulnerable to attack.

We may, at any times and at our sole discretion, modify these rules.