To complete Pit Pass milestones you need to collect Trophies. Trophies come from two sources - playing Duels and participating in Events.

In Duels, Trophies are only awarded when racing in the highest unlocked Series. Three Trophies are awarded for a win and one Trophy is awarded for a loss. One extra Trophy is awarded for having the fastest lap time, regardless of the race’s outcome.

Trophies are awarded for every race in Events, regardless of the selected difficulty tier. The number of awarded Trophies is the same as in Duels.

No trophies can be lost during Duels or Events and no Trophies are awarded for forfeiting a Race.

The number of Trophies required to complete milestones increases as you progress in the Pit Pass. Rewards can be claimed after the end of an exhibition, however, Trophies cannot be collected anymore once a exhibition expires.