Before the start of the race, your Race Start bonus will be determined based on your position in the Race Start comparison. This comparison evaluates the Race Start stat of all 24 drivers and assigns bonuses accordingly. The top four drivers with the highest Race Start stat will receive a ‘Perfect' bonus, which provides a substantial advantage for overtaking and defending during the first lap. The next four drivers will receive a 'Fast' bonus, while the third group will receive a 'Good' bonus. Drivers at the lower end of the field will receive varying Race Start bonuses, ranging from 'Average' to 'Slow’ and finally 'Poor', depending on their position in the comparison.

Your Race Start bonus will greatly impact your ability to overtake and defend during the first lap of the race. The higher your position in the Race Start competition, the better your bonus will be. Therefore, improve your Race Start stat and position to ensure that you start the race with an edge over your competitors.