Game performance, stuttering and race forfeits may be influenced by unstable internet connections or server instability.

F1® Clash is an online multiplayer game which requires not only a strong, fast and reliable wireless data connection but both consistent download and upload speeds & reliability. While the ability to watch a YouTube video or other media streaming service may work, disconnections are still possible as these work fundamentally differently to each other and are not adequate tests of connection quality.

While data bandwidth is a large requirement and what most providers advertise as part of their service; latency (the speed in which it takes a piece of data to go from one device to another) is critical for the smooth running of races in F1® Clash. Providers generally guarantee data bandwidth but do not guarantee latency which can fluctuate severely based on a number of factors.

Mobile data connections are especially inconsistent when compared to Wi-Fi internet connections. While a device may display a full signal and 5G connection, this does not guarantee any level of either bandwidth or latency.

Factors on a device that can impact in-game performance can range from other apps using background data, app updates, power saving mode, low device RAM memory, low device storage or even an outdated operating system.

External factors that can potentially impact in-game performance could be an outdated or poorly performing internet router, other users on the same internet router using crucial bandwidth, Wi-Fi signal interruptions or noise in the area as well as wider internet infrastructure issues between the Player and Hutch’s systems.


How can I fix or prevent this?

1. Locate the strongest possible Wi-Fi or Mobile Data signal possible (Wi-Fi is recommended). Free or open WiFi networks usually provide low bandwidth and are not ideal for playing. Reboot your device regularly to fix any potential IP and DNS issues. If you have custom DNS settings, consider potentially removing/changing these to improve your connection.

2. Some devices suffer from a low-memory issue and most perform poorly once they reach around 80% of their storage capacity. You can try to back up your data and make a factory reset, or just delete everything you don’t need, like apps, files, images and videos to improve performance.

3. Having resource-intensive apps running in the background can really cause a huge drop in battery life and performance. Live widget feeds, background syncs and push notifications can cause noticeable lag. Regularly close apps and services running in background to release some RAM for your game performance.

4. Ensure your device has the latest operating system version as well as that of any internet routers or networking equipment you have access to.

5. Lastly, uninstall the app (make sure your account is saved with Facebook, Apple ID, or Google Play first), and install it again.

Please note: Shortly after updates to F1 Clash and when new features are released, stability may be affected as many Players try to connect at the same time. This can cause some temporary performance issues and disconnections.

While the team try to ensure a high level of game availability; internet infrastructure outages do occur outside of our control that may be located between Hutch systems and Player devices. If you experience continued issues, please contact your service provider for more information and possible advice.