Legendary Drivers are an additional Driver rarity consisting of some of the most Legendary Drivers in F1 history!

Unlike other Driver rarities, Legendary Drivers are not claimed from Crates.

Legendary Drivers can instead be claimed from Collection Milestones - earn enough Collection Milestone points by upgrading your Assets to reach your Milestones and unlock your Legendary Drivers and other valuable rewards!

Legendary Drivers only need to be unlocked once and can not be upgraded. You can view your Legendary Drivers amongst your other Drivers under your ‘Driver’ tab on your loadout screen.

You can not compete in a Grand Prix Event race with a Legendary Driver equipped in your loadout, unless the Event specifies Legendary Drivers are allowed. 

When a new Season begins, likewise to your other Drivers, your Legendary Drivers for the previous Season will be locked in your Hall of Fame.