You can backup your save by logging into Facebook (iOS and Android), Google Play (Android only) or Apple Login (iOS only). F1 Clash has multiple pop-up screens throughout the game to remind you of this.

If you have connected to Facebook or are using Apple:
1. Select the Player Profile displayed at the top of the Home Screen
2. Reconnect your Apple login or Facebook to load your progress

If you are using Android:
1. Sign into the Google Play Games app on your phone
2. Go to Settings
3. Make sure Sign me into games automatically is checked
4. Start F1 Clash to load your progress

If you are intending to transfer your progress from one Device to another we highly recommend you save to both Facebook and Google Play or Apple Login to ensure that your save is carried across and retrievable, there is currently no way to transfer your save without Facebook, Google Play or Apple. You can also login to Facebook to transfer progress across to Android and iOS and back.