Grand Prix™ Events are 5-day long events where you can compete against other players from around the world to win huge prizes. Most of the time, they will be synced with the official Formula 1® calendar.

They are split into 3 Rounds as follows:

  • Qualifying Round comprising of 3 x Qualifying Sessions (Wednesday / Thursday / Friday)
  • Opening Round (Saturday)
  • Final Round (Sunday)

You will have to go through a series of races in each round to fight and make the cut for the next one! There are a total of 3 Qualifying Sessions, so don’t worry if you fail to qualify the first time.

  • Opening and Qualifying Sessions run from 0800 to 0700 UTC, leaving a 1 hour gap between the end of a round and the start of the next round.
  • The Final Round runs from 0800 to 0800 UTC.
  • You can’t enter a race in the last 10 minutes of any Round or Qualifying Session
  • You can’t register for the Event in the last hour of the final Qualifying Round