After you've bought your trucks, you might like to know which ones are best for which situation!
Here they are:
  • The Monster:  Good for early desert runs - can climb over cars and obstacles better than the Micro.
  • The Classic:  Fast top speed if you can control that nose dive. Really fast in the City once you get to grips with it.
  • The Buggy: Really, really quick acceleration. Serious amount of tilt in the air. 
  • The Big Rig:  Good in the snow and able to smash down drawbridges if you're going fast enough.
  • The APC:  Good on long desert runs and some snow levels.
  • The Tank:  Good grip up steep hills, stable and good at smashing down obstacles.
  • The Bouncer:  Super quick acceleration and tricky to keep under control. Great on some desert tracks.
  • The Lowrider: All go and show in the city.
  • The Trophy Truck: Own the Big Air events in this bad boy.
  • The Racer: The quickest truck on the hill.